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Meet Your Match

A dating site that will actually find you your perfect match. We have a large variety of OTTBs on hand ranging in experience, age, and price. 

Available for adoption, Samba Flavor

Samba Flavor


Aspiring Dancing With the Stars Pro

High School


Upper Middle Class Home

"My daddy drives a BMW..."

Available for adoption, Maeve of Connaught

Maeve of Connaught



Undecided but in school 

Studio apartment but tends to sleep on friends' couches

"I am secretly judging you if all you drink is Long Island ice teas"

Available for adoption, Mojave Princess

Mojave Princess


Personal Investigator 



With her brother she thought was her cousin until a take home genetic test said otherwise

"Hug me brotha!"

Available for adoption, Corsica Flavor

Corsica Flavor


Telling his friends how rich his dad is

Middle School


House on the golf course

"My father drives an Aston Martin..."

Available for adoption, Rockin to the Boss

Rockin to the Boss



Bachelors and still trying to pass bar exam

Downtown apartment but always at the office 

"Promise this is not an episode of 'Suits' "

Available for adoption, Mitad del Mundo

Mitad del Mundo


The quiet, curious one 


Middle Schooler still growing into himself

Upper Middle Class Home

"Why is the sky blue?"

Available for adoption, G's Last Chance

G's Last Chance


Currently unemployed


His cousin/now sister

"Hug me sista!"

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