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At The Start

Let Down and Evaluation

The horses in our program receive ample letdown time as they come off the track. We believe that this is a vital step in creating their retraining path. OTTBs are used to a structured, athletic lifestyle with a high-energy feed. Because everything in their lives changes upon retirement, they need time to become accustomed to life as a horse before beginning retraining. This gives their minds and bodies time to adjust to a new diet, new athletic demands, and a new lifestyle. This allows us to identify physical problems that can become evident once the horse is no longer racing fit. During the letdown process, we learn how each horse behaves in a stall and in a herd during turnout, as well as learning more about their soundness, ease of care, and handling. This is information that is important for new owners and ourselves. 

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Strong Foundations

The Retraining Process

CRR believes in developing a comprehensive foundation for each horse. Using the methods of classical dressage, we can create a strong foundation vital to their careers moving forward. Our horses receive extensive in-hand work before riding to build new muscle patterns better suited for life as a riding horse. Many horses do not have the stamina or suppleness to carry themselves as riding horses at the start of their retraining; in-hand work develops this before adding a rider. This also allows our trainers time to see any unknown soundness issues before taking that next step. Once the horses can carry themselves in hand, we introduce riding. Our goal is to slowly build balance, muscle, and suppleness to support a riding career, whatever their new discipline might be. Walk work builds into trot work, typically within the first few months. Canter work and cavaletti work begin once the horse is adequately strong and supple. While some horses find homes before completion of their foundation, we make efforts to provide as much of a foundation as possible for their new home. Taking a slow, methodical approach produces quiet, responsive horses.


The Perfect Match

Our Rehoming Goals

CRR takes a slow approach to letting down, retraining, and rehoming in the hopes of improving long-term outcomes for both our horses and their adopter. We evaluate our horses through each aspect of their life to ensure they are well-adjusted for their life ahead. The time that we have with our horses is vital to ensuring the very best for them and their new owners. Many of our horses are at CRR for about a year before adoption. There are exceptions when it is in the best interest of our adoptable horse but we prioritize thoroughness and quality above all else in our program.


Potential adopters are encouraged to reach out to CRR to begin a conversation about their goals. We also encourage adopters to follow our website and social media platforms to view adoptable horses and upcoming horses. Having conversations with potential adopters is important to us so that we can work together to find a horse best suited for their goals, preferences, and abilities. We encourage all potential adopters to visit multiple times. 


CRR adopters have access to our program for the life of their horse, whether they need advice, help to rehome the horse in the future, or retirement care. We are dedicated to both our adopters and our horses.

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