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Our Team

Kate Anderson

Founder and President 

Kaitlyn Rinker

Head Trainer and Horse Care Manager

Kate began training her own horses at ten years old and took numerous horses into the show arena, including competing at the AQHYA World Championship Show in Reining and Trail. She learned to train by studying books and videos, observing at shows, and riding with various trainers in different disciplines, including training in Germany. Kate researched French horsemanship during the 17th and 18th centuries. After applying many of the methods she read about, Kate decided to follow the French horsemanship theory of lightness as her guiding principle. Now, she continues to study French classical horsemanship, incorporating other methods as necessary, as well as horse care methods, with special interest in the musculoskeletal system. She most recently has been studying with Stephanie Millham, a prominent student of Nuno Oliveira.


Over the last several years, her interest grew to include the study of conformation as it relates to function, soundness, and longevity. She has applied this study to racehorses both on the track and off the track. She works to develop rehabilitation and training programs based on the individual needs of the horse to improve soundness and performance.


At the track, Kate works with the trainers to rehome the horses. Because she spends time on the backside and talking to trainers, she gets to know the horses while they are still racing. This gives her the opportunity to help potential adopters find horses that are a great match straight from the track. All of the horses that come to CRR's facility in Cheyenne, WY receive evaluation rides and a soundness evaluation to identify their talents, as well as any issues right away.

Kaitlyn has been studying with Kate as a working student then as a full time rider since 2006. She is currently also studying with Stephanie Millham to develop her abilities as a trainer and rider. Along with Stephanie, Kaitlyn has ridden with Jim Wofford, including his lifetime student, Brittany Foust, Daryl Kinney, Elisa Wallace, and Paul Rohrbach. She has extensive experience working with horses straight off the track, as well as galloping horses in the fields to prepare them for races. She has a love for three-day eventing, so she has the ability to introduce eventing to any of the horses that show talent. She enjoys the versatility of the Thoroughbred and their never ending honesty and kindness. 

Team members Caroline, Kaitlyn, and Kate with adoptee Whiskey Song

Jane Moran

Chief Financial Officer

Jane, is a licensed to practice CPA in Wyoming. She is a partner at MHP, an accounting firm, located in Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, CO. She is the mother to our President, Kate, but keeps all of us in line and on track. When she is not in the office, you can find her coming up with new project ideas, cooking up a great meal, picking up a shovel and getting to work, and moving panels. She is also on call as half of our fencing squad.

Darrell Moran

Facility Manager

Darrell thought he was retired from his career as an engineer, but he now works harder than ever as our manure hauler, hay and supplies manager, mechanic, and the other half of the fencing squad. He is a loving husband and father to Jane and Kate. 

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