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Why We Do It

Rehabilitation At Our Core

Our passion for rehabilitation was born from a fundamental passion of horse physiology. By recognizing the natural abilities of the horse and combining them with modern medicine, we can create an effective and beneficial rehabilitation program that is successful for the horses that come through our gates. 

View Some Of Our Cases

Kaitlyn changing casts on hoof rehabilitation case
Kaitlyn replacing a set of casts

Hoof Rehab on the Worst Hang Nail

This horse hit a rock hard enough to crack his quarter. Dr. Allen Landes took off the broken quarter, exposing lamina. Then, our team used betadine with sugar on the exposed lamina, along with copper sulfate in the grooves of the frog and a lot of casting material to bring them full circle!

Timestamp from April 14th to August 2nd


Rehab on a Degloved Leg

After making a mess of her leg, our team also had to battle frostbite when crystallization happened instantly on one cold February day (and I mean -20 degrees F actual temperature cold). After daily wrappings, stall rest, and lots of brainstorming, this horse was left with a minor scar. 

Timestamp from January 15th to July 16th

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