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Mojave Princess

Fidelito x Ma Mel by McCann's Mojave

"Mojo" ran 3 times (0-0-0) for $1,680 in earnings. She last ran June 11, 2023 at Golden Gate before arriving at our farm on July 5, 2023. Mojo is the daughter of retiree, Fidelito/Sheldon, and much like him, is very laid back. Following in his footsteps, she has even given beginner youth riders lessons. Recently, her full brother G's Last Chance arrived at our farm too- a family reunion! She has been rehabbing some poor angles on her feet but is showing some amazing progress. Mojo quickly became a farm favorite with her sweet disposition, and eye-catching looks. She will be available soon for adoption!

Team member, Tori and Mojave Princess
Mojave Princess showing off her moves

Team member, Tori with Mojo

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