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Trojan Nation

Street Cry (IRE) x Storm Song by Summer Squall

"Troy" had 12 starts (1-1-3) with $252,125 in earnings. His most impressive starts? The 2016 Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. Though he did not place well, it is incredible to have a horse of his caliber. Troy has not raced since December 30, 2016 at Santa Anita Racetrack. He arrived at our sister farm, Golden Creek Equine LLC, on January 13, 2018. He was a breeding stallion from then until more recently. Now he is gelded, and truly enjoying retirement. Troy has one of the biggest personalities on the property. He is a well known favorite to team member, Kaitlyn, who shares a banana with him daily. His future get to just be a horse. No pressure of expectations of winning nor producing winners. Kaitlyn will continue to work with him on the ground and under saddle as he seems to really enjoy doing so. If you visit the farm- don't forget a nice green banana! 

Trojan Nation and orphan foal
Trojan Nation being fed a banana from team member Kaitlyn
Trojan Nation being fed his daily banana by team member Kaitlyn 
Trojan Nation with orphan foal Andy
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